Edwardian Mansion

This imposing Edwardian mansion house was originally built as a country retreat for the owner of Harrods. Large sections of the service wings were demolished in the mid 20th century and the proposal comprised part reinstatement of these with a single storey extension to house a large family, dining and entertaining room.

The space was designed around two cast iron pillars and brackets salvaged from a London Victorian railway station and incorporated a double pitched roof terminating in two bespoke roof lanterns which throughout the day create a ‘dance’ of light within the space.

During construction, it became evident that the rubble from the previously demolished wing had been used to infill an unknown series of cellars. The rubble was excavated and the cellars refurbished and brought back into use.

Externally the elevations match the existing house with geometric clay tiles hung in the gables and brick elevations all under clay tile roofs.